Gum Grafting

Gum Grafting

Gum Grafting

Gum Grafting services offered in The Museum District, Houston, TX

If gum disease has caused soft tissue loss that negatively affects your oral health, turn to Anna M. Munné, DDS, PA & ASSOCIATES in Houston, Texas. Anna M. Munné, MD, DDS, MS, and her exceptional team offer an array of gum grafting procedures to restore gum health and reduce the chance of permanent tooth loss. Call her office to schedule an evaluation or use the online booking feature today.

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Gum Grafting Q&A

What is gum grafting?

Gum grafting is a treatment for gum tissue deterioration, which often results from gum disease. When this happens, your risk of loose permanent teeth or tooth loss increases. Gum grafting is an excellent way to increase the volume and strength of affected soft tissues in your mouth to prevent severe complications. 

Dr. Munné uses grafts from other parts of your mouth, donated tissue, or synthetic grafts to complete the gum grafting procedures.


What are the benefits of gum grafting? 

The main benefits of gum grafting include:

  • Stronger gum tissue
  • Increases in soft tissue
  • Reduced risk of permanent tooth loss
  • Lower chance of loose permanent teeth
  • Reduced hot and cold sensitivity 
  • Beautiful smile

Undergoing gum grafting treatment before tooth loss occurs can save you time and money in the long run.


What is gum grafting used for?

Gum disease and a receding gum line associated with it means you’re likely a candidate for gum grafting. Common causes of gum disease include improper brushing techniques, genetics, poor dietary habits, teeth grinding, and older age. Smokers are four times as likely to develop gum disease than nonsmokers. Skipping professional dental cleanings is also a risk factor.


Is gum grafting right for me?

Dr. Munné lets you know if you’re a candidate for gum grafting after reviewing your symptoms, oral health history, and lifestyle habits. She examines your teeth and gums and takes dental X-rays to determine which gum disease treatment best suits your needs.


What should I expect during gum grafting?

Before a gum grafting procedure, Dr. Munné numbs the treatment area. She offers you a sedative to help you feel relaxed. 

She uses grafts from the roof of your mouth, donated tissue, or synthetic tissues to increase the volume and strength of your gums.  

Dr. Munné may use gum tissue regeneration techniques by covering the surgical area with a protective membrane that enhances cell growth. She might also apply platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood to the area to further stimulate tissue growth.


What happens after the procedure?

Tenderness and swelling are common side effects of gum grafting, but they are temporary. Over time, as treated tissues heal, you can expect healthier gums, more gum tissue, a beautiful smile, and a lower risk of oral health complications. 

To learn more about gum grafting at Anna M. Munné, DDS, PA & ASSOCIATES, call the office or use the online booking tool today.